Why Us?

Why Journey Websites?

Why Us? Explore below to see why Journey Websites would be a great fit for you. Check out why we are different. And explore many more resources to start you with Journey Websites today!

How We're Different

What make Journey Websites so special? Click to see more and read about how we are different. 

Get to Know Us
Are We The Right Fit For You?

There is a perfect designer for each person in each season and we are here to help. 

5 Things To Ask Your Web Designer

We care about our clients' questions and concerns. Here are some questions you may have for us. Read more about questions you may have for us here at Journey Websites. 

Happy Clients
Happy Clients

Want to hear from those who have worked with us? We love to make our clients happy!

What's the next step on your journey?

Explore our services below and allow Journey Websites to be your trusted partner in navigating toward your goals. Click the links to learn more and step forward today!

Web Design
Website Design

Looking for a brand new website or to give your existing website a makeover? We will partner with you on this journey in creating the website that is the perfect representation of your brand.

Care Plans
Care Plans

Are you technically challenged? We would love to partner with you by making sure your website is hosted, secured, backed up, updated, free of pesky bugs, and of course, looking fabulous!

Logo Design
Logo Design

When you only have seconds to make an impression, a strong logo can make the difference. Let Journey Websites help you make a strong first impression with a professional logo design.

Destination Vision Board

Do you need to decide on colors and fonts for your new website? Journey Websites will take you through an internal & external branding process and create a visual board for you to reference.

Hourly Support
Hourly Support

Need a buddy? Journey Websites offers Technical Support for all of your website at any time when you need assistance. We also offer Consulting and Coaching to guide you on your journey.


Every business needs the essentials: a logo, branding, website, and hosting. We'll lay a strong foundation for your start-up or rebrand, setting you up for a successful journey ahead.