Every business needs the basics

A unique logo, branding, a website, and a host for the website.  Set a strong foundation for your start-up or rebrand and save money with bundled packages. Below you will find the packages we have to offer with a description under each. Please let us know if you have any questions. 

My Journey

  • This package has the cost savings of the DIY route for your website, while knowing you don't have to do everything to maintain the security of your website every week! You also get the huge benefit of going through the full Destination Vision Board process which is a client favorite! This package will help you to start using those DIY skills!
  • Destination Vision Board
  • Trailblazer Web Design
  • Expedition Care Plan (One month included)
  • $75 Savings

My Journey

  • This package has everything you need to get your journey off to a great start! We will walk you through our comrehensive branding process and design a simple logo for you. Plus lets you try our most popular Care Plan since we have found that most people have ZERO desire to do all the technical maintenance to keep the website safe and secure.
  • Destination Vision Board*
  • Explorer Web Design
  • Summit Care Plan (One month included)
  • Simple Logo
  • $200 Savings
  • *Included in Explorer Web Design

My Journey

  • Our Most Popular Package!
    Are you ready to rock this journey? Do you know you want to get a fully-customized logo that will be associated with your brand for years to come? This fully-personalized package includes a custom logo and website design, while providing the luxury of the support of the Summit Care Plan. This will really get you rockin'!
  • Destination Vision Board*
  • Navigator Web Design
  • Summit Care Plan (One month included)
  • Creative Logo
  • $425 Savings
  • *Included in Navigator Web Design

My Journey

  • Do you have a full backpack of products to sell? This package includes all the essentials needed to venture towards a great store, including a custom eCommerce design, creative logo, and added security for your online store. It also provides the luxury of the support and bonuses of the Adventure Care Plan. Let's get backpackin!
  • Destination Vision Board*
  • eCommerce Web Design
  • Adventure Care Plan (One Month Included)
  • Creative Logo
  • $600 Savings
  • *Included in eCommerce Web Design
Do none of the above fit your needs? Customize what you need below.

Buildin' My Journey

Looking for a bundled service plan that is different than what we have offered? You are in luck! You can create your own bundle. We will give you 10% off of any bundled purchase that is over $3000. To make your bundle, simply select a Website Design option and a Care Plan. Then you can add any other items you want and we will apply the discount on your contract and invoice. Sorry -- but this can't be combined with another bundle.