5 Things to Ask Your Web Designer

Looking for a web designer?

Below are some important questions to consider when making the decision of which designer best fits your needs.


There are a lot of designers to choose from and, unfortunately, there are many talented people who want to be a designer but don't realize what it takes to stay in business. Will they be around for six months, two years, ten years from now...? Having to work with different web designers can add up. Save yourself time and money by choosing to work with someone who has a history, commitment, and proof that they will be around for the long haul.

Does it matter to you if your web designer works with other people in your same field?  Is that a drawback or a benefit in your eyes? Working with other clients that are similar to you can mean that the designer will be able to provide a deeper level of service for you.  They may have more recommendations since they have a greater understanding of your industry and target market.  Some people can also see this as a negative.  Will they take ideas that you come up with and tell their other clients?  Is this ok, or not ok?  This is all about trust.  Do you feel like you can trust them? There are a lot of benefits to working with a designer who serves clients similar to you. This typically shows they have a passion for your specific industry and you are likely to get a higher level of service than someone who works with anyone and everyone.

Web designers all have different design processes that they have tailored to their specific needs... and hopefully to their client needs! 

It is important to find out what their process looks like.  What do they need from you, and when?  How long is the timeline?  What happens if the timeline changes?  What happens if you, the client, need more time to do a step they have for you?  Are you charged extra?

Having an understanding of the design process of prospective web developers will help you to make an educated decision on if they are the right fit for your needs!

You are on a journey and your website is on a journey with you.  It is unrealistic to think that you will see your new web design and it will be exactly what you imagined.  Oftentimes there are additional changes to be made to the original design.  You may realize those changes right away, but it may take a month or two of experiencing your new website to realize 'you didn't know, what you didn't know' about what you needed, wanted etc.  Will they help you make those changes?  Are they separate from your initial project?  Will they truly partner with you before and during the design process to help you think through some common obstacles you may face?  

Websites require a lot of behind-the-scenes work to keep them safe, secure and running properly.  Are you naturally techie and want to do all of the maintenance or do you want help?  What about website changes?  Do you want to make the changes yourself or have someone make them for you?  If they make changes for you, what is the timeline for getting changes made?  Is there a cost?  

Having an understanding of how maintenance looks after the site is live will help you to set the right expectations for how much your website will cost long term and how much of your time you will need to invest.

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