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At Journey Websites, we believe we should always be looking ahead for someone to learn from, while also extending our reach back to help those coming behind.

Angela Driskell and Cassidy

Internship Opportunities

Are you considering a career in the digital world? Our internship opportunity might be just right for you! As an intern, we are committed to partnering with you to help begin your journey in graphic design, front end web design, full-stack web development, business administration, social media, or project management. We are intentional about our internship opportunities, giving ample instruction and hands-on experience. While we don't have any current openings, please feel free to fill out a form for future endeavors (scroll down and click "Contact Us").

Joining the JW Team in Contract Work

Are you a copywriter, designer, brand specialist, or business coach? We want to know more about you! What makes you awesome? How can you help take our clients from the base to their highest potential summit? We know the trail is much more enjoyable with a much higher potential when traveled with a trusted sidekick!

Design Meeting

Want To Hear More About Opportunities?

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