How We Operate

Journey Websites will provide businesses with unparalleled customer service and support. Our customers view Journey Websites as an essential and reliable business partner. Our main objective is to continuously ‘wow’ our customers, and support them on their web journey for the long haul! 

This Is Where Your Journey Starts

We would love to join you on your journey and help you share your story!

Consultation Call

Before we get started on your journey let's get to know each other! We start by meeting for a consultation call where we get to know everything about your project and goal.

Care Plan Consulting
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Contract and Pre-Work

After the call, you'll be sent a proposal and contract for our work together.  Once those are completed you will also get pre-work based on your specific project needs so that we can take note of all the details of your project going forward.

This is how we get the ball rolling! We will take your pre-work and walk with you to the next step of the journey!

We want to help you on this journey.

Backend Build

Once we've received your pre-work, we will get busy on the backend laying the foundation needed for your future website!  We'll start developing your website and getting all the technical bits and bobs ready for when your brand is ready for it!

Journey Computer Backend Build - Approach Page
1 - Destination Vision Board 2 - Logo 3 - Website

Design Pieces Related to Client's Needs

This is where the magic happens! Depending on the specific services you are having us help you with, we will work through our full branding process with you: building your destination vision board, logo, and website to match your specific needs. All the while reaching out to you and getting feedback so that you love what we create!

Our Keys to Success Are:

  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Professionalism
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Show Case site and Feedback

Your website is ready! We'll share what we've built with you and get your feedback so that we can make your website look just like you need it!

Revise and Testing - Approach Page

Revisions and Testing

We'll go through your feedback and make the necessary updates to your site. And then make sure all your site is ready to work on all devices from your laptop to your phone.

We want to help you on this journey.

Soft Launch

Once all the feedback has been implemented and the website has been tested for all devices we will soft launch the website.

Making it available to the world while we add some more content and details before sharing it with everyone.

Website Changes - Approach Page

Additional Changes

Time to get some more details sorted! You'll soon learn that your website is a continuous work in progress. That's amazing! It means you can always improve and grow!

We'll be making some more changes and updates to the site and getting it ready for the big day!

Full Launch!!

It's time to launch your website! This means sharing it with the world! We're so proud of you! Let's share it with the world!


We're Here For The Long Haul

Journey Websites is committed to being here for you! We partner with you, whether you are just starting out, continuing, or revamping your web platforms. We will be accessible to you and cheering you on along your journey!