About Us

Enjoy each step of your unique journey!

My goal is to make it easy for small business owners to design a custom website that fits their business perfectly.

For most of the people I work with, websites are something they HAVE to do but don’t WANT to do. This is where I come in. I design and implement user-friendly websites so you can focus on your business. My passion is to use your vision, thoughts, and ideas to create a custom website that fits your business perfectly.

I want to help you on this journey.

Small business owners typically feel burdened by the thought of creating a website. Building a new website or even making changes to an existing website can be a huge burden and source of stress. I fix that.

Journey Websites was born through my love of communication, technology, and helping others. I began providing technical support on websites in 2000 when websites were extremely new and intimidating to most people. I have traveled the country speaking about online marketing and establishing websites. I love helping people learn and especially enjoy empowering women entrepreneurs.

I have been working on and designing websites since 2000. I recently decided to leave my day job with Apple in order to pursue building my web design business full time. I specialize in working with small business owners, non-profit organizations and especially enjoy working with women.

I am committed to excellence and passionate about helping my clients. I am reliable, easy to talk to, and passionate about implementing your website.

Please shoot me a message and we can chat about your project!