We are all on a journey.

What path are you on right now? What is in your rearview? Where are you headed?

Each individual pathway is a journey. Marriage is a journey. Business is a journey. On this journey of life we each have our own unique gifts and talents. It is such a joy when we are able to come alongside each other and use our gifts to help one another. 

Journey Websites would love to join you on your journey and help you share your story through various web platforms, with custom branding!

How do you feel about your

Journey Website Services

Journey Websites would love to join you on your journey. Check out our options below. 

Website Design

Looking for a brand new website or to give your existing website a complete overhaul? We will partner with you on this journey in creating the website that is the perfect representation of your unique brand.

Care Plans

We would love to partner with you long-term by making sure your website is hosted, secured, backed up, updated, free of pesky bugs and - of course - looking fabulous!

Logo Design

When you only have seconds to make an impression, a strong logo can make the difference. Let Journey Websites help you make a strong first impression with a professional logo design. 

Destination Vision Board

Do you need to decide on colors and fonts for your new website? Journey Websites will take you through a branding process and create a visual board for you to reference. 


Every business needs the basics: a unique logo, branding, a website, and a host for the website. Set a strong foundation for your start-up or rebrand. Journey Websites provides many packages for our customers.

Hourly Support

Journey Websites offers Technical Support for all of your website needs. We also offer Consulting and Coaching to guide you on your journey.

We have many tools to help improve your journey.

Our Journey

We each have a unique journey that has brought us to where we are today. Read about the path that brought Journey Websites to meeting you!

How We Partner

We partner with individuals, small businesses and non-profit organizations, by providing the tools, and services to climb higher. Learn how we can help -- whether you need a guide, partner, or sidekick!

Why Us?

We care about our clients by partnering with them from base to summit and on all of the trails in between. Whether you are taking the beaten path or need help blazing a new trail, we want to work alongside you!

We are excited to join you on the journey!